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What we’ve done

We work on cases that make a difference. For over 30 years, we have taken on the tough cases, the meaningful cases, the cases that make a difference in people’s lives. Here we present just a small selection of what we’ve done:

DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.

Repairing the shattered dreams of motherhood

Sandy* was a young, excited mom-to-be in the final stages of pregnancy when an intoxicated driver smashed into her head-on. The impact of the collision caused her to miscarry her first child, and to lose any potential for safe future pregnancies. When we discovered that the driver had a long, known history of drug abuse and mental instability, we knew we were dealing with much more than just a horrible accident; we were dealing with grave negligence. No person and no amount of money can restore Sandy’s hopes of carrying her own child. But by securing her a $1.7 million verdict, we were able to ensure that her medical needs are well taken care of, and most importantly, that she knows that her loss was not in vain. Sandy can begin to build new dreams.


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* All names changed to protect our clients’ privacy.

Ensuring care after negligence

Erin had enjoyed a normal, complication-free pregnancy. When she went into labor ready to welcome a healthy baby boy into her life, the attending doctors discovered that the fetus had rotated, and would need intervention for a safe delivery. While no expectant mother hopes for an emergency Cesarean section, Erin wished her doctors had taken this course of action. Had they done so, her newborn could have come into this world without harm. Instead, her doctors abandoned standard of care practices and proceeded with a forceps rotation, neglecting to inform Erin of the risks of the procedure. Turning a bad decision into a tragic one, the physician performing the rotation had no experience with the procedure, performed it improperly, and caused the infant permanent brain damage. Her son’s life, and her own life, will continue to face challenges, but with a settlement of $2.1 million dollars, they’ll be able to get the support and care they should have received all along.

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Championing accountability and responsibility

As commonplace as automobile accidents may be, they never fail to make us shudder. The line between a minor fender-bender and catastrophe is so easily crossed. Walter fell on the tragic side of that line when a delivery truck rear-ended his SUV on the highway. He lost consciousness and suffered traumatic brain injuries. His injuries resulted in permanent physical pain, emotional instability, and cognitive deficiencies. Walter had invested over 30 years in his career, but was such a changed man he was no longer an effective employee. We stood by Walter every step of the way to counter the defendants’ attempts to shirk responsibility. Ultimately, a jury found driver and his company liable and they were ordered to pay Walter damages of $1.6 million.

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A mother’s best efforts

After a rocky start, Evelyn was getting her life on track. She had returned to community college in hopes of building a stable home for her three children. Mothering is hard no matter what. Imagining that superhuman job as a paraplegic is downright horrific. When a moving van careened into Evelyn’s car, that nightmare became her reality. The crash left her permanently paralyzed from the chest down, and with irreversible bladder and liver damage. We championed her case, and in finding both the driver and his employer at fault, Evelyn received a settlement of $2,955,760. Evelyn and her family’s life will never return to normal, but with our help they now have the resources to face the challenge.

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Setting new standards of care

When Cynthia brought her sick son to his pediatrician, she presumed – like any mother would – that he would receive proper care. His pediatrician performed some basic tests, diagnosed stomach flu, and sent Oliver home. When Oliver’s symptoms continued, Cynthia wasn’t going to risk leaving any stone unturned; the next morning she brought Oliver to the pediatric emergency hospital. The resident there drew the same tests, with the same results, but with far more serious conclusions. Her son had a serious blood infection. Had his pediatrician followed the proper standard of care, Oliver would have been just fine. Because of the delay caused by the original misdiagnosis, however, the meningitis had time to spread to Oliver’s brain, causing permanent hearing loss and brain injury. In winning a $2 million verdict, we were able to create some security for Cynthia and Oliver, and send the message that best practices must be upheld.

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Landmark verdict validates a mother’s intuition

Little Emily was born to Deborah via an abdominal pregnancy – a dangerous predicament for both the mother and fetus. However, with proper care, Emily still could have been born healthy and normal. Marking the first in a series of imprudent decisions, Deborah’s doctor delayed her delivery date, causing Emily to suffer brain and lung damage. All along, Deborah knew something was not right, but like many mothers, she put her faith in her doctor’s suggestions. When Emily died at just 12 years old, Deborah came to us, ready to reinstill her faith in maternal intuition, and to put her faith in us. Deborah was awarded nearly $6 million – one of the highest civil settlements in history at the time. The magnitude of her case sent the message loud and clear: doctors must listen to their patients, and intervene in a meaningful and timely way in high-risk pregnancies.

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A fatal manufacturing flaw brought to light

Paul was stopped in interstate traffic when a multiple-car crash behind him careened into his Chrysler van. Paul lost control of his van, fell backwards along with the seat itself, and was killed when the oncoming pile-up plowed into the exact location he had fallen. What initially seemed like a tragic coincidence turned out to be the result of a known issue with the seat engineering. We discovered that only a few years before, due to a number of safety complaints, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had investigated the seats. While they may have found the car giant compliant, we pressed on, winning a $2 million settlement for Paul’s widow and bringing widespread attention to Chrysler’s treacherous manufacturing flaw.

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Providing assistance when independence is lost

Like any former Marine, Mark had developed a strong constitution for enduring physical and mental challenges. But the injuries he sustained from being hit by a sleeping driver were far more severe than willpower alone could conquer. The high-speed impact sent Mark’s car into the air and tumbling into a ditch, giving Mark a concussion and spinal injuries. The accident left Mark with a disabled body and mind: he suffered chronic pain and impaired speech, cognition, and interpersonal skills. Once a capable and independent man, he was now deemed totally disabled and unemployable. We secured Mark a $1.75 million settlement to cover his lost future earnings and provide a comprehensive assisted life-care plan for the future ahead.

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