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Charles J. Zauzig III


We know that the scope of life extends beyond our work within these walls. Our team has a commitment to our clients and to each other, but that’s not where our commitment stops. Here we share a glimpse into what inspires us, what drives us, what gives us joy and purpose.

It's not Goodbye, but Until Next Time

After 33 years of dedicated service to Chuck Zauzig and the Zauzig Trial Group, Donna Burger will finally have the luxury of having more time for herself, as she enters into the new chapter of retirement.  Donna’s commitment, impeccable work performance, and magnificent personality will always leave a footprint at the Zauzig Trial Group and the entire firm of Nichols, Zauzig, Sandler, P.C.

More about Donna and how she has become such an inspiration to all of us can be found here!

Celebrating 8 Years with a Tradition!

As follow-up to last month's Work Out for the Cure, Donna participated in the Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure on May 10 at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. She has participated for the past decade in Race for the Cure, and this year was thrilled to be joined by her brother, five sisters, and her two sons and daughters-in-law. 

Read more on Donna and this special day here.

True Strength Blossoms from Inner Courage

Our own Donna Burger, legal assistant to Chuck Zauzig for over 30 years, recently participated in the local Susan G. Komen Workout for the Cure, a cause close to her heart as she will celebrating 8 years as a breast cancer survivor on May 24th

The Workout for the Cure attracted participants all around the DC/Virginia area and raised approximately $45,000.  The event was designed for all ages and included children's programs, Pilates, cycling, group fitness, and Donna’s personal challenge – ZUMBA!  

Click here to see Donna in action and find out what she has next on her list!

Being a survivor requires courage

Donna Burger Chuck’s legal assistant for over 30 years, Donna Burger, recently celebrated being a 6 year breast cancer survivor. Donna was unable to participate in the recent local Komen Race for the Cure, as she was working during the event. She was so sad to not be able to be part of it, so a friend brought Donna this pink cape that says “Heroes for Hope” and told her she is a “super woman!” Here Donna and Claire celebrate her special anniversary, one of joy, courage, and hope.

Riding life’s changing waves

Surfing: Chuck‚Äôs personal passion Chuck’s personal passion is surfing. Every year, he travels to Central America to surf the warm, ocean waves on his longboard. A common conception is that surfing is an athletic pursuit. The truth is, surfing has a deeper meaning to Chuck. Floating in the vast ocean and riding a perfect wave puts our small, fragile place in the world in perspective. The true spirit of surfing is about being in harmony with nature, and with oneself. The ocean provides a rich metaphor on life for those willing to take notice. The photo at left shows Chuck watching the waves at Virginia Beach, VA.

Click the photo of Chuck at left to see photographs of him surfing.

Just one moment, just one kid

Just One Moment, Just One Kid“On a rocky dust-choked road in rural Central America a young boy around six years old navigates down the road past the huts of his neighbors. The boy shares the road with unattended livestock, oxen-drawn carts, and many other walking or on bicycles carrying their loads. Poverty is a way of life and there are very few possessions for the families living there.”...

Read the complete article PDF about the programs to help children that Chuck established as president of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association.